Watch how Toyota Corolla Altis drives into lorry, reverses into car behind and rams into lorry again

A video of a driver playing a bizarre game of bumper cars between a lorry and another car has gone viral on Facebook.

The video uploaded onto Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road's Facebook page shows a black Toyoto Corolla Altis driving into the back of a lorry.

However, instead of getting out to view the damage or exchange details, the driver then reverses into the car behind and gives the motorist a good shock.

He then drives forward and hits the lorry yet again before coming out of the car and gesturing to the car equipped with the dashboard camera.

The contributor wrote:

"Front car hit the truck then reversed into this car before going forward to hit the truck again. The driver of the front car SJA 2611A blamed this car for hitting him causing him to hit the truck." 

Several Facebook users have commented and are accusing the driver of the Toyota of being a conman trying to make money by the "sumseng" way.

Many suspected that the car was a rental and that the driver wanted to make it look like another vehicle had hit him for insurance claims.

Watch the video below.