Watch how driver tries to bully cabby -- after failing to overtake him

There are many errant drivers on the road. But this impatient individual might just take the cake.

Stompers Edwin and Gerek alerted Stomp to a clip on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Roadcredited Ian Yek, which has become a talking point among Singapore netizens.

The video shows a taxi and a bus filtering into an exit off an expressway.

A black car speeds over the chevrons on the road and attempts cut recklessly in front of the taxi, almost crashing into the divider.

After being unable to do so, the driver goes behind the cab, and tries to overtake the other vehicles by using the road shoulder.

As the is not enough space to do so, the driver swerves the black car recklessly back to the right side of the lane, and speeds off.