See how 'champion' Honda driver SBJ2893A recklessly cuts across PIE road lanes 6 times in 16 seconds

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Stomper Lim sent Stomp two videos showing a Honda driver recklessly cutting across road lanes a total of seven times in 16 seconds on the PIE while overtaking other vehicles on Oct 5 at around 11am.

In the first video, the silver-coloured Honda with licence plate number SBJ2893A can be seen cutting across fourĀ lanes from the right-most lane to the left-most laneĀ in about four seconds at the rear of the Stomper's vehicle.

He or she then overtook the Stomper's car from the left.

The Honda driver then haphazardly cut across four lanes in front of Lim's car in no more than five seconds back into the right-most lane on the road.

He or she did so without signalling and there were other vehicles using the expressway at that time.

Said Lim with regard to what happened:

"The driver was travelling at more than 100km/h.

"It was very dangerous.

"I don't think you are taught how to overtake like that in driving school."