'Champion' e-biker tempts fate by cutting in front of oncoming cars -- thrice

Submitted by Stomper Dave

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Stomper Dave came across a reckless cyclist, who cut across two lanes at the exit of Chin Swee Tunnel near Clemenceau Avenue on Tuesday (May 2) at around 4.30pm. 

The reckless cyclist, not giving more than a glance backwards, simply ease his way onto the lanes, forcing vehicles which were exiting the tunnel to slow now for him. 

The incident was captured on the dashboard camera on Dave’s vehicle which he subsequently sent in to Stomp. 

In the videos, the cyclist was shown attempting to cut into the second leftmost lane, which Dave’s vehicle was on. 

His sudden movement onto the lane prompted the driver of a Mitsubishi which was in front of Dave’s vehicle to slow down, switching to the leftmost lane to avoid hitting the e-bike rider.

Next he proceeded to cut in front of Dave’s vehicle.

Dave had to slow down his car, while the cyclist moved across the lane, before cutting into the leftmost lane, right in front of a Toyota.

Said Dave:

“I’ve never encountered anyone who rides like this.

“The whole time, he just glanced back and force his way onto our lanes —where the fast moving vehicles were on.

“He could not see if there were any cars coming in from his back but that did not stop him.

“When he cut across my lane and onto the leftmost lane right in front of the Toyota, he was hidden by my vehicle and in the driver’s blindspot. 

"Moreover, it was just at the exit of the tunnel and most of the vehicles were moving quite fast and could not see him.

“He could have caused an accident.”