Woman taken to hopsital after being knocked down in alleged hit-and-run at Alexandra Rd

A shocking clip circulating online shows a motorcyclist being knocked down by a car driver in an alleged hit-and-run incident that happened today (Monday, Mar 20) morning.

Facebook page Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road posted the video, which shows the motorcyclist signalling and making a lane change from the left lane to the middle lane.

However, the driver of a silver car hits the motorcycle, sending the rider crashing into a bus before tumbling to the road.

Both the car driver and bus driver appear to drive off into the distance without stopping, and the biker is left lying on the road.

According to the caption on Beh Chia Lor page, the driver of the car (SGR 2091 X) was reported to the police for hit and run.

A passer-by who was crossing the road comes to the aid of the motorcyclist, along with the driver of the vehicle that had the dash-cam which recorded this incident.

At 8.24am today, the police were alerted to the incident involving a bus, a car and a motorcycle.

"The female motorcyclist in her 30s was conveyed conscious to the hospital," said the spokesperson.

A spokesperson said the Singapore Civil Defence Force spokesperson (SCDF) was alerted to a road traffic accident at about 8.05am and dispatched one ambulance.

One person was conveyed to National University Hospital (NUH).