Goondu driver of blue Hyundai goes against traffic and almost hits Stomper’s vehicle

Stomper Pinky was driving along Tampines Street 23 after crossing a junction yesterday (Feb 24) at around 2.20pm when she came face to face with a blue Honda car which was going against traffic flow.

A video of the incident was captured on Pinky's dashboard camera and sent to Stomp.

Fortunately, both vehicles managed to apply their brakes in time before an accident could occur. 

Both vehicles came to a stop and Pinky waited for her chance to move onto another lane before proceeding on.

It is unclear what happened to the blue Honda after that. 

Said Pinky:

“What kind of dumb driving is this?

“The driver is obviously going against traffic and still doesn’t notice anything amiss?

“This could have resulted in a serious accident.”

Watch the video below.