Entitled driver of BMW SGJ11H clearly doesn't care about right of way, almost crashes into vehicle while exiting lane

Submitted by Stomper Aidy

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Stomper Aidy was annoyed after a black BMW SGJ11H coming from a filter lane almost crashed into his vehicle as he was cruising down Sixth Avenue yesterday (Mar 31) at around 10.50am. 

Fortunately, Aidy managed to execute his emergency brakes in time.

The driver simply cut ahead of Aidy's vehicle despite him having the right of way. 

The incident was captured by a dashboard camera on Aidy's vehicle and he sent the footage to Stomp, although he stated that the date and time on the video  were inaccurate. 

Shaken by the incident, he said:

"It was really scary. I was quite shocked after that.

"The driver didn't even stop to ask if I was ok and just drove on. 

"To other drivers out there, please be aware of this guy."