Eh Honda driver, this illegal turn you made along Bedok Reservoir Road is super reckless you know!

Submitted by Stomper Sebastian

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Stomper Sebastian came across a reckless driver while he was travelling along Bedok Reservoir Road on Nov 11 at around 2.30pm.

In a video clip the Stomper sent, a driver of a black-coloured Honda with license plate number SJY3907P can be seen abruptly making an illegal left turn at a road junction from lane meant for vehicles to go straight.

The Stomper noticed initially that the left signal light of the Honda was flashing and he thought the driver was going to switch lanes. However to his surprise the Honda driver made a left turn instead.

Sebastian recounted what happened:

"It was a rainy day and I was not travelling very fast.

"Lucky I was able to brake my car in time if not I would have hit the Honda.

"I have reported the incident to the Traffic Police."