Honda driver SJK4944Z, do you own the first lane on expressway? You act like you do

Submitted by Stomper Johnny

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Stomper Johnny alerted Stomp to a video of a selfish driver of a white Honda SJK4944Z hogging the rightmost lane on an expressway. 

Despite going at a slower pace, the driver refused to let the vehicle behind overtake him.

The vehicle behind then switched to the second lane. 

The driver continued down the lane without speeding up, even when there were no cars ahead of him. 

However, when the same vehicle that was behind tried to move onto the lane he was on by overtaking him, he suddenly sped up, preventing the vehicle from making the change. 

A video of the incident was uploaded onto

Said the contributor of the video: "Thumbs down for this self entitled prick hogged the whole first lane."

Watch the video below.