Pedestrian reminds driver who beat red light at Corporation Rd not to be 'blur like sotong'

Submitted by Stomper Priscillia

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Stomper Priscillia was driving along Corporation Road towards KJE/BKE, at Jurong West last Thursday (Mar 16) at around 8.52pm when she witnessed an errant driver almost hitting a pedestrian who was crossing the road at a traffic junction. 

The incident was captured on a dashboard camera and Priscillia subsequently sent the video to Stomp.

In the video. a man in a yellow T-shirt could be seen trying to cross the road while the green man was still flashing.

Despite the pedestrian having the right of way, the reckless driver did not wait and simply drove through, narrowly missing the man. 

The pedestrian even gestured to the driver, seemingly to ask the driver what he or she was thinking. 

Said Priscillia:

“Hope all pedestrian, especially children stay vigilance when crossing road at traffic light.”