Car beats red light and slams right into taxi outside Gek Poh Shopping Centre

Submitted by Stomper Douglas

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This afternoon (Oct 12), an accident involving a car and a taxi took place outside Gek Poh Shopping Centre. 

Stomper Douglas was walking pass when he overheard from passers-by that a car had collided with a taxi, and the front of the silver car was smashed. 

Said Douglas: 

"From what I heard, the driver of the car sped across the traffic light before it turned red and was making a right turn when her car crashed into an oncoming taxi." 

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"The driver of the car was coming from Jurong Avenue 5, and the taxi driver was coming from Jalan Bahar side," he added. 

Shortly after the collision, a traffic police officer and an ambulance arrived. 

According to Stomper, though the driver of the silver car felt discomfort in chest, there were no injuries. The lady's car, however, suffered severe damages.