Cabby nearly knocks cyclist down after driving taxi onto pedestrian walkway

Submitted by Stomper Ivan

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Stomper Ivan was travelling along Changi Village at around 2.10pm yesterday (Sep 23) when he witnessed a taxi almost knock down a cyclist. 

He said that he has contacted Land Transport Authority (LTA), Traffic Police as well as the taxi's company about the incident. 

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Ivan told Stomp:

"Yesterday afternoon at approximately 2.10pm at Changi Village, I observed a Prime Taxi (SHD2645K) almost knocked down a Caucasian cyclist.

"The cabby drove onto a pedestrian pathway to cut into the carpark, almost leading to an accident.

"Given the blatant disregard for the law and the danger that he poses to the public, I have already written to the LTA, TP and Prime Taxi. in hopes that they will take stern action against such reckless driving!"