Driver yells at cabby who parked illegally, causing him to scrape against taxi

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A driver scraped the side of a Premier cab parked on double yellow lines along South Canal Road on Friday (March 9) at around 4.15pm.

After the incident, the driver, Rob, confronted the cabby and sent to Stomp a video of the confrontation. 

In the footage, Rob could be heard shouting at the driver:

“Bloody car! Don’t move your bloody car!

“Double yellow lines, you go and park here. Stupid!

“And you say I’m wrong? 报警啦! (Which translates to call the police)”

Rob repeatedly asked the cabby what he wanted and accused him of running away.

The cab driver said that he was not, and said that Rob should call the police. 

Rob continued taunting the cabby to call the police, and the cabby replied that he needn’t be so loud.

He said:

“Now you hit my cab, so we call the police.  This is the law in Singapore.”

After that, the two continued their verbal spat, with Rob questioning why the taxi had stopped on the double yellow lines.

The taxi driver answered that he was attempting to make a U-turn to which Rob vehemently disputed. 

Rob also asked the cabby where he had hit the cab and if he had evidence. 

The cabby pointed at the side of the taxi which showed several scratches. 

Rob then walked back to his vehicle, while lamenting that the driver should not have stopped on the double yellow lines. 

The video then cuts off abruptly. 

In a phone interview with Stomp, Rob said that he had been trying to avoid jaywalkers and other illegally parked vehicles along the road, which inadvertently led to him scrapping the side of the taxi.

He said:

“I can definitely pay him, but I just want to let people know my side of the story.

"he kept wanting to shift his cab after the accident.

“He (the cabby) said he was making a U-turn, but that is nonsense. His cab was parallel to the road it couldn't have been. 

“I think he was either waiting for a passenger or had just let a passenger alight."

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