Driver who got "karma is a bitch" note after parking at family lot says: "Don't judge what you see"

Submitted by Stomper Moonie

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Sometimes we react in anger before understanding the full story which is why it is important to take a step back and pause before doing something you might regret.

This is the lesson Stomper Moonie hopes others will take with them after he received an angry note he did not deserve.

The Stomper had parked his car at a family lot in Eastpoint Mall's carpark on Sunday (June 17) from about 4 to 5pm.

When he returned to his car he saw a note that had been left on his car's windscreen which read: "Family lot, do not abuse. Next time you really need it, karma is a bitch."

Moonie explained his side of the story to Stomp:

"I had been waiting for a family lot myself because I try to park as near to the entrance to the mall as possible as my toddler is not fond of being carried by my helper and will dash across the driveway at times."

"Perhaps whoever left the note saw me leaving the car when I parked it the second time when my kids and helper were in the mall waiting.

"I had gone to put some heavy shopping bags in my car first.

"I want to share this to let people understand. Do not just judge what you see then leave notes like that and go.

"Whoever wrote it could have come up to confront me if he felt unjust.

"I have my family and two kids with me, why else would I go for a family lot in the first place if I were alone?

"To the person who wrote this note without leaving a contact number, karma is indeed a bitch. 

"I wish him well."

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