Driver who beat red light and almost hit pedestrians says he was 'blinded by sunlight'

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A driver was caught on camera beating the red light and almost hitting pedestrians at a busy traffic junction.

Facebook page SG Road Vigilante posted a video of the incident that occurred at the junction of Rivervale Drive and Compassvale Street on Sunday morning (Jan 23).

In the video, a red Honda can be seen narrowly avoiding a collision with a woman who was pushing a trolley as well as a cyclist who managed to stop his bicycle in time.

A witness told SG Road Vigilante, "After (the) red Honda beat the red light and I sounded three long horns, it still decided to proceed through the busy junction and endangered other pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists."

Netizens slammed the Honda driver and called for enforcement action to be taken against him.

However, the Honda driver has since come forward to give his side of the story. He also shared a video that shows him narrowly missing not one but two groups of pedestrians.

The driver was quoted as saying, "I admit that was a mistake on my end as I was kinda distracted after being mildly blinded by the morning sun and failed to see the lights had already turned red.

"It's not an excuse and I am expecting to be fined for my moment of lapse."

Unfortunately for him, netizens remained largely unconvinced and unsympathetic. Many also said that there was "no excuse" for his behaviour.

One user commented, "Normal drivers when (they) realise something is wrong, they will slow down and even brake to a stop... not just simply continue to drive forward."