Condo resident verbally abuses security officer over warning letters: "I'm the one who pays you money"

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A man went on an angry tirade against a female security officer, after apparently being issued warning letters over his parking.

It is unclear when and where the incident occurred, but a video of the dispute has been circulating on Facebook.

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Despite the security officer calmly repeatedly telling the man not to shout at her and to approach the management over the issue instead, he continued yelling at her.

He can be heard shouting:

  • "The whole carpark is empty."

  • "I have to shout at you, you are the one who issued this to me."

  • "You ask the management to come and talk to me."

  • "I'm the one who pay you money and yet you give me warning every time."

  • "If you issue me this one again, I will look for you."

  • "You keep giving me this warning for what?"

  • "Last time the management, daytime I can park, Saturday, Sunday, Friday I can park."

When asked for his contact details and exact residential unit, the man refused to divulge any information and said: "No, you go and find out. You ask them to find out. I'm not gonna give you my telephone number."

The security officer eventually stood up for herself and told the man: "You don't shout at me, ok? You not happy, you go to the management. I have got enough of all this."

The man then responded that he too "had enough of all this" and "ask the management to come my house."

Stomp has contacted the security company for comment.