Driver taken to hospital after tipper truck overturns at Bedok Reservoir View roundabout

Submitted by Stomper Jay

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A 42-year-old driver was taken to hospital after an accident involving a tipper truck at the roundabout of Block 760 Bedok Reservoir View on Monday afternoon (Jan 17).

Stomper Jay shared a photo of the truck flipped over on its side.

He said: "As the truck was trying to manoeuvre the roundabout and the carpark gantry barrier, it unfortunately overturned.

"I'm just glad that there was no one walking next to the truck and no drivers driving next to it when the accident happened."

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted to the accident at 12.27pm.

The male driver was conscious when conveyed to the hospital.

According to Jay, the scene was still being cleared at night.

Police investigations are ongoing.