Driver swerves to avoid running over biker who crashed into car

A driver's split-second reaction ensured that he did not run over a motorcyclist who was lying on the road after crashing into a car at 2.43pm on Sunday.

A clip of the accident, which occurred on Tampines Expressway (TPE), towards the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), was posted on by Raja.

The clip shows the motorcyclist crashing into a car that had stopped after the line of vehicles in front had come to a halt.

The impact sends the motorcyclist crashing to the road, and he ends up lying on a lane with a car bearing down on him.

However, the driver reacts instantly and swerves to avoid running over the biker.

The driver then stops by the side of the expressway.

"Hope this video can aid in insurance claims," said Raja in the post.

Many netizens praised the driver's instinctive reaction to swerve to avoid the biker, and highlighted that thankfully there were no other vehicles on the left lane.