Driver causes chain-collision after swerving right into trailer on TPE

A driver caused a multiple-vehicle accident on the Tampines Expressway after swerving into a trailer at 9.24pm yesterday (June 9).

Stomper Westlee had to swerve abruptly to avoid the vehicles involved in the accident.

The Stomper sent to Stomp dashboard camera footage of the collision.

A clip of the incident was also shared on All Singapore Stuff and credited to Low Jenny.

The videos shows the driver speeding down the road before swerving to change lanes.

However, the driver ends up knocking into the front of a trailer and is sent spinning into another car.

The impact sends the driver careening to the side of the road, while the other car is left facing against traffic and the trailer has come to a halt.

Debris from the vehicles can be seen strewn on the road after the chain-collision.