Driver spots e-scooter rider weaving between vehicles at East Coast Rd: "This is an accident waiting to happen"

Submitted by Stomper Hilarion

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Stomper Hilarion came across a reckless e-scooter rider weaving in and out of traffic at East Coast Road on Thursday night (April 5), at around 7.30pm.

The incident was captured on the dashboard camera on Hilarion’s car.

In the video, a man in dressed in a black T-shirt could be seen riding openly on the road. 

The rider manages to keep up with Hilarion’s car, which was travelling at round 45kmh. 

A statement by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) states clearly that the maximum speed for personal mobility devices, such as this e-scooter should not exceed 25kmh.

In addition, these devices are not to be ridden on open roads, merely on shared and cycling paths. 

Said Hilarion:

“This is an accident waiting to happen.

“I’m an e-scooter rider myself.

“So I understand the dangers. Riding like this is just crazy.”