Driver slammed for hogging rightmost lane on North-South Expressway -- along with video uploader

The driver was a Singapore-registered car was caught on camera hogging the rightmost lane on the North-South Expressway and refusing to give way despite being honked at repeatedly.

A Facebook user posted a video of the incident online, though it is unclear when it happened.

According to the video caption, the Toyota driver was going at 90kmh.

"Is this the trend now," quipped the user.

The Toyoto driver remained on the rightmost lane of the expressway throughout the 3-minute-long video and did not give way to the driver behind him despite repeated honks.

And while the Toyota driver was understandably slammed by netizens for his actions, the Facebook user was not spared from criticism either.

Many questioned why he continued tailing the Toyota driver instead of switching lanes and overtaking him, especially since the road appeared to be mostly clear of traffic.

"You want people to give way, you ownself don't overtake him."

"Don't you know how to drive on the second lane?"

"Overtake him, then drive in front of him slowly."

Some netizens also started mocking Singaporeans as a whole:

"He thinks he's driving in Singapore, the top speed is only 90kmh."

"Singapore's highway limit is 90kmh. They are afraid to drive fast. Come to Malaysia, still follow Singapore [laws]. Very obedient."

If being "obedient" keeps us safe, then why not?

Then there are also those who were more... neutral:

"Both parties are problematic. [You] tailed so closely."

"Both do not want to lose."

"Young man, you posting this also shows that you have no substance."

"Haha, both are fools."

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