Driver should have allowed pedestrian with toddler in pram to cross road first

Submitted by Stomper Drive Safely

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Stomper Drive Safely was concerned to see a driver who did not stop to let a pedestrian cross the road at a zebra crossing on Thursday (July 16).

The Stomper shared a video of the incident that occurred along Teban Gardens Road at 5.21pm.

In the video, a woman who is pushing a toddler in a pram is seen waiting to cross the road.

While Stomper Drive Safely stopped for the woman, another driver travelling on the other lane did not do so and continued on his way.

Fortunately, the pedestrian only crossed the road after checking that traffic was clear.

Drive Safely told Stomp: "This selfish and dangerous driver refused to stop at the zebra crossing to allow a pedestrian with a toddler on a stroller to cross the road safely.

"I have also submitted a police report before sharing this with Stomp."