Driver shocked to see what happened to his parked car at AMK after returning from breakfast

Submitted by Stomper Eric

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Stomper Eric was shocked when he found a huge dent in the front bonnet of his car that he had parked at Block 163 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 yesterday (Oct 11) morning.

When he returned from breakfast he saw that a branch had fallen from a nearby tree and onto his car.

He told Stomp in a phone interview that it had been raining earlier in the morning but when the incident happened, the sky was clear.

He added that fortunately nobody was injured by the falling branch and noted that a woman had walked right in front of his car just 12 seconds after it fell.

"If that lucky lady who walked past that spot had been 12 seconds early, she may have been dead by now, " he said.

He brought his car to Cycle & Carriage where he was given a quote of $7,000 to repair his car.

"The bonnet and front radiator grill need to be replaced and the front bumper needs to be repaired," said the Stomper.

He said that his car will probably be in the workshop for the next five days.

"Be careful if you are parking or walking at an open carpark," he advised others.