Driver shocked to find deep scratches on car parked at MBS carpark

Submitted by Stomper J

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A Stomper was shocked to find scratches on his car after parking at Marina Bay Sands on Apr 14.

Stomper J shared with Stomp that the scratches were on his rear right door.

"They were so deep that even the paint had come off," he said.

"From the looks of the scratches, it was obviously done by a human act.

"Through my in-car camera, I managed to find out that a group of contractors had parked their van beside my car and were loading and unloading their equipment.

"They should have done this at the loading and unloading bay first before parking their vehicle.

"It took me a long process to get in touch with one of the contractors who is also the driver but he denied about the damage.

"Accidents do happen every day and it is not about who is right or wrong but responsible or irresponsible drivers only."