Driver shares video of him blocking reversing cabby, gets slammed by netizens instead

Sometimes, people share videos of what they feel is an irresponsible or dangerous act, expecting the support of netizens.

However, things can quickly backfire, as this driver found out after sending a dashboard camera video to the Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road Facebook page.

The clip shows a taxi driver reversing on a road.

However, the cabby is forced to turn early as the cam-car driver has stopped close by.

According to the page administrators, the driver, Andrew Goh, said that he wanted to share the video to alert other drivers to how dangerous reversing on a road can be.

However, the page administrators said, "When we did not want to post the video, Andrew Goh resorted to accusations and unfair comments about us, which we finally gave in to him and decided to post his video after all (for a short period)."

Most of the netizens who commented also said that drivers are only not allowed to reverse from side roads onto main roads.

Others also said that it may have been that the cabby missed the turn and that there would be no harm in giving way to allow him to reverse and turn into the side road.