Driver scolds 2 elderly women with vulgarities for using men's toilet at AMK petrol station

Submitted by Stomper Jasmine

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Was it an over-reaction?

Two elderly women were scolded with vulgarities for using the men's toilet at a petrol station by a man who walked in on them.

Stomper Jasmine made a police report about the March 30 incident at the Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 Esso station as the two women were her mother and aunt.

"My elderly mum and aunt used the male toilet at the petrol kiosk as the ladies' was locked," explained the Stomper.

"This guy came in to wash his hands and scolded them with harsh Hokkien vulgarities non-stop. Both women in their late 70s were shaken and humiliated.

"My mum tried to explain that my auntie needed to use the toilets urgently, but the man rebutted that this should not be done. My mum understood and explained that it was difficult for the elderly. The man then rebutted the elderly has no privilege and hurled vulgarities at my poor mum and aunt.

"My mum then wanted to report to the police as the man was fierce and used very rude Hokkien vulgarities at them. They managed to take a photo of this driver and his car who left after learning my mum wanted to call the police for help.

"But the elderly ladies were already traumatised by this ferocious act. We hope the elderly can be respected and understood. This man should be warned and brought to task if he does not realise what mistake he made."

In response to a Stomp query, police confirmed that a report was lodged.