Driver reacts to being high-beamed -- by playing braking game and making hand gestures on CTE

Submitted by Stomper Jared

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Believing that a driver was using his phone while travelling along the Central Expressway (CTE), Stomper Jared flashed his car's high beams as a warning.

However, the driver of car SGG8453D did not take to this kindly and engaged in a braking game with Jared instead.

He then made hand gestures at the Stomper before driving off.

According to Jared, the incident occurred at around midnight on April 8.

Jared said: "I was driving along the CTE when I noticed that a driver was using his phone while driving on the first lane on the expressway.

"Initially, I did not do anything about it as I thought he was just using his phone for awhile.

"However, this persisted and I decided to high-beam him to warn him.

"He didn't take it nicely and cut left very sharply to the next lane.

"When I drove past him, he started to tailgate me very closely. I decided to ignore him as I do not want to have unnecessary trouble.

"I do not have a back-view camera and wasn't able to record the tailgating. You can see that he was using his phone in the video below (it's easier to see in full-screen).

"Then, he drove past me and started to drive side by side, taunting me. Again, I chose to ignore him.

"He then started the braking game, which is recorded on the video. I simply slowed down to avoid a collision.

"Eventually, he got tired of it as I wasn't even retaliating, and he drove off after winding down his mirror and doing some hand signals."