Driver rams right into car mechanic at garage, 'sandwiching' him

Submitted by Stomper Adi

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A car mechanic was left injured and screaming in pain after a driver rammed straight into him at a garage.

Stomper Adi shared with Stomp a shocking video of the incident, which has been circulating online.

It is unclear where and when exactly this occurred.

In the video, a driver can be seen turning into an automobile shop and entering a space.

The driver initially appeared to have stopped his vehicle, but suddenly moved forward and rammed into a man who was standing in front but did not notice the oncoming car.

The mechanic, whose legs seemed to be trapped in place, yelled in pain and tried to push the car away with his hands.

The driver then reversed his vehicle, freeing the mechanic, who then fell onto the floor and cried out in agony.

Stomper Adi said:

"One of my friends forwarded this to me and asked me to be careful.

"It's good to be cautious and here's a reminder not to stand in front of vehicles as anything can happen, even if you have skills."