Driver prevents motorcyclist from overtaking, swerves out of control and crashes into road divider

A video of an accident which happened on an expressway after a white car lost control and crashed into the road divider, has been circulating on Facebook.

The video, shared on ’s Facebook page, showed a motorcyclist on the rightmost lane trying to cut into the lane which the white car was on. 

The driver of the white car sped up to prevent the motorcyclist from overtaking, closing the gap between him and the car in front. 

Suddenly, the white car swerves to the right, almost hitting the motorcyclist.

The vehicle then swerves to the left and back to the right again, before hitting a road divider on the right and bouncing off.

Clearly out of control, the car swerves to the extreme left in an arc, almost colliding with several vehicles, before hitting the road divider on the left.

Although it is unclear where the accident took place, according to the time stamp in the video, the incident happened on Thursday (July 13) at between 11.14pm to 11.15pm.