Driver parks McLaren car illegally on narrow road, causing obstruction: 'I don't see a problem'

Submitted by Stomper David

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A McLaren MP4-12C 650S coupe was parked illegally on Hindhede Drive in Bukit Timah, causing obstruction along the narrow two-lane road.

Stomper David shared photos of the orange sports car parked on the double yellow lines on the side of the road on May 12.

Double yellow lines mean no parking on that side of the road at all times except for immediate pick-up and drop-off only. The fine is $70 for a first-time offender.

"The recalcitrant owner of the sports car, who frequently ignores traffic rules, caused inconvenience to others for his convenience," said the Stomper.

As traffic starts to build up, other cars would have to go around the McLaren and risk getting into an accident, predicted the Stomper, who has witnessed it before.

"I managed to see him parking that day and explained to him calmly that he can't park here," recounted the Stomper.

"His answers: 'I don't see a problem', 'There is no place to park' (there are plenty around, he just has to walk), 'I'll take the chance' (of a parking ticket, which is inconsequential to him)."

The Stomper described the driver as a bald local Chinese man wearing a UOB T-shirt.

As inconsequential as it may be, it would appear the Stomper got the last laugh because he also shared photo of a parking offence notice on the windshield of the McLaren.