Driver parks at mall carpark for 2 hours, only to face $944.90 fee

Submitted by Stomper Noah

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Stomper Noah was faced with a $944.90 parking fee shocker when trying to exit the carpark at Plaza Singapura on Saturday (June 10).

The Stomper had gone to the mall to run errands, and was parked in the carpark for two hours.

However, when trying to exit the carpark, he was shocked to see the gantry display showing that his parking fee amounted to $944.90.

Noah quickly used the communications device at the gantry to inform the parking attendants about the issue.

The Stomper said that he was instructed to park aside as the attendants worked to rectify the problem.

However, Noah told Stomp that when he tried to exit the carpark after 20 minutes, he still faced the same $944.90 charge.

According to the Stomper, after an additional ten minute wait, the parking attendant apologised to him for the delay.

Noah tried to exit the carpark again, and was charged $2.60.

"What a horrifying experience," said the Stomper.

"Luckily, I did not have $1,000 in my cashcard."