Yikes! Python found in bonnet of car parked at Desker Rd

Submitted by Stomper Amanda and Ah Beng

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The vengeful twin of the python that died after a battle with a king cobra has slithered into the limelight -- for hiding in a car along Desker Road this morning (June 1).

Stompers Amanda and Ah Beng contributed videos showing a man and a woman pulling a python out from under the car frame with their bare hands.

Onlookers can be seen crowding around them as they remove the python from under the frame and slide it into a yellow bag. 

According to the Stompers, the incident happened between 7.45am and 9am.

Amanda's father told Stomp:

"One of my neighbours said that the snake came from the drain nearby last night (May 31) and took refuge from the heavy rain by hiding in the car.

"At around 2am, a worker saw the snake slither into the car. When the owner of the car arrived at around 6am, the worker told him the bad news."