Driver overtakes Stomper, goes 'zig-zag' and points middle finger

Submitted by Stomper A

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper A was frustrated when she encountered a Honda driver who refused to let her pass him and even showed her the middle finger while she was driving along International Road on Nov 3.

A had made a left turn into the road when she heard a car honking at her from behind.

"The cars in front of me had not even cleared yet," she said.

The white Honda then overtook the Stomper from the left and started to play the braking game.

"He 'wayang' in front of my car," said the Stomper. "He did not want to let me pass and drove in a zigzag pattern, it seemed like a deliberate attempt to get me to crash into his car."

Finally, the other driver turned left into another road but not before reaching his arm out of his window and flashing the middle finger at A.

Watch the video below.