Driver of SLJ4539S does not understand right of way

Submitted by Stomper Concerned

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Stomper Concerned was driving along Upper Aljunied Road yesterday (Jun 18) when she almost met with an accident due to another driver's reckless action.

The Stomper was waiting to turn left into Joo Seng Road when the driver of a Honda car with licence plate number SLJ4539S decided to also turn right into the lane, cutting in front of her.

If the driver was aware of road conduct and the concept of giving right of way, he would have known that left-turning vehicles have priority.

His impatience might have been costly but thankfully there was no accident.

"The driver's action was totally uncalled for and almost caused a side collision with our car when we were turning into the lane," said the Stomper.

Watch the video below.