Driver of SJC9237R who threw drink can out window in JB gives Singaporeans a bad name

A driver of a Singapore-registered car was caught on video tossing a can of soft drink out of his window.

The can was crushed by an oncoming car from the back, its contents splattering onto the vehicle’s windscreen. 

The incident happened on a road in Johor on Oct 7, at around 1.18pm. 

In an accompanying caption to the video, Facebook user Peggy Chia criticised the inconsiderate actions of the driver. 

The caption read:

“What’s wrong with the Singaporean driver of the car SJC9237R?

“Can’t you throw your rubbish in Singapore? 

“Why must you come to Johor to toss your trash?

“If it had been a motorcycle behind you, it could have caused an accident!

“This is too irresponsible!”

Netizens have also condemned the inconsiderate actions of the driver.

Said Facebook user Aries Lim:

“This must be how his mother taught him.

“Don’t litter in your own country, go litter on foreign soil.”

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