Driver of Merc SLE8911A, why act like hooligan when you didn't signal?

A Mercedes driver exited his vehicle to confront a motorist after getting honked at, even though he was the one who flouted traffic rules by not signalling.

A video of the dispute was posted on Sure Boh Singapore's Facebook page and according to its caption, the incident took place along Tannery Road.

Based on the video's timestamp, it was recorded yesterday July 7) at 6.19am.

The Mercedes driver, with licence plate number SLE8911A, can be seen stopping at a road junction and holding up traffic behind him, but without signalling.

Someone then honked at the driver, causing him to get down his vehicle to confront the motorist behind him (also the one who filmed the video).

The motorist asked the Mercedes driver, "Brother, you don't know how to signal ah?" but the latter retorted by saying, Then you honk so much for what?"

However, the motorist said it was the one behind him who honked, not him.

This led the guy  to say, "Then sorry about it" but the confrontation was far from over.

At this point, he presumably tried to approach the one who had actually honked at him because the motorist appeared to stop him and said, "You go and talk to that fellow for what? When you talk to me like that?"

The Mercedes driver replied, "You step out la" and "I already say sorry, you not shiok ah?"

Watch the full video below.