Maserati driver runs over road divider, goes against traffic before overtaking lorry at Lorong Chuan

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Update on Sep 13:

Police told Stomp that they have arrested a 49-year-old man for dangerous driving in relation to this case.

Read the full update here: Maserati driver runs over road divider, goes against traffic before overtaking lorry

Original article:

A driver of a Maserati went over a road divider and goes against traffic while trying to overtake a lorry along Lorong Chuan at about 1.10pm on Sep 7.

Several Stompers alerted Stomp to the video which has been uploaded on Facebook pages Singapore Reckless Drivers and Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Reckless today (Sep 11).

In the video, the Maserati can be seen speeding while seemingly trying to overtake a lorry on a two-lane road.

Upon reaching a traffic junction, the Maserati swerved right after failing to overtake the lorry and almost crashed into a traffic light while going over the road divider.

The Maserati did not slow down, however, and continued to speed while going against traffic, narrowly missing an oncoming taxi as well as another car.

The driver of the Maserati then swerved back into the path of the lorry and stopped in front of it while turning on hazard lights.

The driver opened the door just as the video cuts off.

According to the Facebook post from Singapore Reckless Drivers, the driver stopped in front of the lorry in order to confront the lorry driver.

"The Maserati driver was unhappy at the lorry driver for 'eating into his lane'," the caption on the Facebook video by Singapore Reckless Drivers said.

"The Maserati driver stopped the van driver (who is elderly) to confront him which compelled me to share this video."

"Just take a look at how this Maserati driver drives like it was his grandfather's road," said Stomper Patrick.

The Facebook post has sparked a series of reactions from netizens online.

Many expressed their contempt towards the Maserati driver in their Facebook comments.

The Facebook video uploaded by Singapore Reckless Drivers has since garnered more than 36,000 views and 385 comments.

A woman can also be heard in the video.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed, when the driver almost hit into a traffic light while trying to overtake the lorry.

"Good! Very good!"

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