Driver of Honda Vezel SLG2037C cuts across chevron markings to transit onto PIE

Submitted by Stomper R

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A driver of Honda Vezel SLG2037C cut across chevron markings during a lane change from Whitley Road onto the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) towards Jurong on Friday (Jan 5) at around 7pm .

Stomper R was in a vehicle in front of the Honda and sent a video of the incident to Stomp.

According to R, a motorcyclist who was on the PIE was almost caught between a lorry and the Vezel.

Said R:

“The driver was a woman.

"Don't know where she is rushing to. It's during the peak hours and the traffic was so heavy.

"They call this kind of reckless driver 'handguns' because they are a danger on the roads."