Driver of Honda SLX5446X fails to stop for pedestrian at zebra crossing, is caught using phone while driving

A driver was caught on video failing to stop at a zebra crossing for a pedestrian to cross while using his phone while driving.

Facebook user Goh Stallone posted a video and photos of the incident on SG Road Sense's Facebook page on Friday (Sep 28) at 10.23am. It is unclear where this happened.

He said that he was on his way to a library across the road 

In his post, he said the driver of the silver Honda with licence plate number SLX5446X was "talking on the phone with his right hand holding the mobile" and had his left hand on the steering wheel.

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In reply to comments on the post, Goh said that the reason he had his phone ready to take the video was because "95 per cent of drivers will not stop" at that particular zebra crossing.

The Singapore Police Force clearly outlines on its website the rules for the use of mobile communication devices.

An offence for using such devices while driving is committed when the following three conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The vehicle is in motion; and

  2. The driver is holding on to any mobile communication device with one hand; and

  3. The driver is using any function of the mobile communication device. This includes making phone calls, paging for someone, receiving a call by pressing the keypad, surfing the Internet, playing games or sending an SMS.