Driver nearly causes accident at Thomson Road, but still can flash her middle finger

Submitted by Stomper Nazir

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A man encountered a fellow driver who was both reckless and rude along Thomson Road on Sunday (Oct 16).

Stomper Nazir shared footage from his front and rear car cameras, showing his encounter with the driver and how she had flashed her middle finger.

Nazir said: "This driver followed the taxi in front too closely and attempted to cut the lane as it did without even signalling, instead of following the road markings.

"After nearly causing an accident, she still flashed her car lights and horn. She also gesticulated with middle her hand and middle finger, truly believing she had the right of way.

"The driver probably did not even realise that the road markings for her lane should have had her going straight ahead.

"It's on​​​ly a matter of time before someone less responsive than me has to pay for it."