Driver makes illegal turn at MBFC, then accuses Stomper of "falsely creating accident"

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Stomper JN was turning left to the drop-off point at Marina Bay Financial Centre when a Kia came from his right and cut in front of him.

The Stomper said that the other driver's action caused both cars to suffer scratches.

However, instead of taking responsibility for what happened, the Kia driver blamed JN for "purposely making a wide turn".

JN received a video from another motorist who was driving behind the Kia when the incident happened that showed the driver turning left to the drop-off point from the second lane.

He shared a text message he received from the driver telling JN that he will make a police report because he tried to "falsely create an accident".

He added that this was not a "threat" but him just informing JN of his actions.

Who do you think is at fault here?