Driver leaves angry note for motorcyclist who parked in car lot at Pickering St: "Grow some brain"

Submitted by Stomper Brent

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Stomper Brent was looking for a parking lot at the carpark of Great Eastern Centre on Monday afternoon (July 1), only to find them all occupied.

He also noticed a motorcycle parked in a lot meant for cars and decided to leave a note to chide its rider.

The note said: "Grow some brain. You should get [spectacles]. This is a car lot!"

Brent told Stomp: "It was close to 2pm and I was there for a meeting.

"I ended up waiting 15 minutes before I found a parking lot."

When Brent returned from his meeting at about 6.30pm, he realised that the motorcycle was still in the same spot.

He said: "It's very inconsiderate of the motorcyclist to do this, especially considering that this is the central business district and people are usually in a rush.

"Totally a black sheep in the biker community."