Driver injured after car overturns along Pasir Panjang Road

Submitted by Stomper Lawrence

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Stomper Lawrence came across an overturned car while walking along Pasir Panjang Road on Sep 24.

In response to queries from Stomp, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said that they were first alerted to the accident involving two cars along Pasir Panjang Road towards West Coast Highway at 4.36pm.

The 40-year-old male driver was conscious when conveyed to National University Hospital.

The Stomper who witnessed the wreckage later recounted his experience in a telephone interview with Stomp:

"When I was there, the driver was nowhere to be seen. There were still two traffic policemen there at the scene though."

In the photos attached that were sent to Stomp, a man in red can be seen attaching a hook to the car to tow it away.

The Stomper then went to the nearby Thai restaurant Nakhon Kitchen for dinner. 

He recalled, "The staff in the restaurant were talking to the customers about what had happened. I overheard them saying that the driver was speeding and had lost control of the car."

Police investigations are still ongoing.