Driver hurls vulgarities in road rage after car swerves into lane at the last minute

A car swerved into a lane at the last minute, causing the driver of a car that was behind to hurl vulgarities.

In the car camera footage that Facebook user Nigel Ng posted, the incident was said to have happened on Jan 27 at around 10.02pm.

The video shows a car that was in front of his signalling to turn right. Nearly missing the turn, the driver quickly swerved to the right, cutting across the two lanes.

Nigel quickly braked in time and proceeded to horn at the driver repeatedly while shouting Hokkien expletives.

A baby could also be heard crying in the background.

At the traffic light junction ahead, Nigel then came out of his car and came out in an attempt to "settle" with the driver.

However, the driver simply drove off once the traffic light turned green.

"SLJ606H YOU MOTHER C* FU**ING DRIVE LIKE A FU**ING CLOWN!" read the Facebook caption in the video that he posted.

Do you think Nigel's angry outburst was warranted?