Driver hurls vulgarities at couple during 'standstill' in queue at Yuhua Place carpark

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A man was caught on camera hurling vulgarities at a couple in a car at a multi-storey carpark in Jurong East on Sunday (Aug 23).

The incident occurred at the multi-storey carpark of Yuhua Place, located at Block 354 Jurong East Street 31, at around 11.10am.

Stomper Anonymous, who was a passenger in a car driven by her boyfriend, took videos of the altercation and shared them with Stomp.

She recounted: "On a regular busy Sunday morning at Yuhua Place where there is a popular wet market and food court, residents and visitors enters the multi-storey carpark and wait patiently in a snaking queue to get a parking lot.

"Most of the time, the queue is not even crawling but can come to a complete standstill for three minutes. It takes a long time to go up or come down. Once you are in the queue, you are stuck. We are familiar with the wait, and we always wait patiently without anyone honking.

"On Sunday, we were on Level 2 of the carpark and waiting in the queue when movement came to a standstill. As we happened to be next to the ramp to go down to Level 1, there were many cars in this queue behind and in front of us so we couldn't move.

"A middle-aged gentlemen was probably a few cars behind us. He was descending and waiting to exit while we were on the quest to ascend in search for the next available lot.

"He was angry from the long wait and came up to us, expecting us to make a right turn down the ramp and re-queue if we were waiting for a lot so that he could exit first.

"Everyone has to wait regardless of whether you are entering or exiting. There is no reason why we should inconvenience ourselves to be back to the start of the queue so he could leave first.

"He was aggressive from the time he approached us, but got worse when we decided to stop engaging with him and wound up the window.

"As he walked off, I thought that was the end of it so I stopped recording.

"When the queue started moving again and we could make way for those behind to move, the man drove past in his vehicle. The woman in his passenger seat made hand gestures at us and I quickly activated my phone camera again, though I only managed to captured their car plate.

"There is nothing wrong with the design of the carpark. It is just a very popular carpark on a Sunday morning. If one likes to still visit the area, let's be polite and wait patiently."