Driver furious after finding vomit on side and back of car at Our Tampines Hub carpark

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A driver was furious when she returned to find speckles of vomit on the side and back of her family car on Saturday evening (June 26).

A Stomper shared with Stomp photos of puddles of vomit next to her car that was parked at Our Tampines Hub, near Lobby F at slot 614.

She believes a child is the one who threw up and took issue that nobody took responsibility for the act.

"Your parents are too irresponsible, not even a note saying sorry," she said.

"I know when you cannot control your vomit, you should vomit to your side instead of our car slot.

"There was vomit on the side and back of our car.

"Do you know my side door had some vomitus too?

"You guys are too much.

"Made us step on the vomitus, we had to use the kids' water bottle water to wash our shoes and there is vomit on the passenger side door.

"For your information, we still had to go to wash our car because of your irresponsible act/kids."