Driver ferrying pregnant wife and his mother shocked by cabby's reckless lane change at Adam Rd

Submitted by Stomper Benny

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Stomper Benny was driving along Adam Road with his pregnant wife and his mother when a taxi cut abruptly into his lane, nearly causing an accident.

The incident incident happened yesterday (Oct 22) at 8.30pm. Dashcam footage that the Stomper submitted showed the taxi cutting across two lanes, directly across the Stomper's path, to exit the main road.

He told Stomp over the phone that it was an dangerous act especially considering that his pregnant wife was sitting in front while his elderly mother was also in the car with him.

Benny wrote, "My pregnant wife, my mum and me nearly met with an accident due to his reckless behaviour. This (taxi) driver endanger (other) road users."

He also told Stomp that he was shocked by what had happened and hopes to highlight the taxi driver's dangerous act to the public.