Driver exits car to confront woman after getting honked at for blocking lane at Simon Road

A driver got triggered when he was honked at by other motorists -- even though his car was stationary and blocking traffic.

Facebook page posted a video of the incident, which occurred along Simon Road on Thursday (May 2), at around 5.09pm.

The audioless video, credited to a user known only as Miss MN, shows a red car stopped in the middle of a lane.

According to Miss MN, the driver "refused to move his car even after myself and the car at the back started honking at him".

She said: "At first, he opened up his door and started swearing and pointing fingers at us.

"After a few more honks, he walked out from his car and came towards me and started shouting, swearing and got violent.

"He started saying, 'You stupid or what? I waited at this area for a very long time already okay! You drive in for what?'


It is unclear what happened after the video.

Miss MN also added that she would be lodging a police report online.

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