Driver encounters another e-scooter rider speeding across road -- this time in Bukit Batok

Submitted by Stomper Tan

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An electric scooter user was caught on Stomper Tan's car camera riding across the road in a manner that she found reckless.

The incident occurred on Aug 29, at around 5.20pm, along Bukit Batok Road.

In a video submitted by Tan, the e-scooter rider can be seen whizzing across the road just as the Stomper was about to make a left turn.

Based on the traffic light, Tan has the right of way.

Stomper Tan said: "Dangerous rider! Total disregard for traffic and putting all the motorists at the junction at risk.

"I hope the authorities can implement a course, an age limit and mandatory insurance for PMD riders."

This is the second time Tan has met an e-scooter rider behaving recklessly on the road.

In a previous Stomp report on Aug 2, she had a near-accident with another e-scooter rider who beat the red light at the traffic junction of Woodlands Road and Bukit Panjang Road.