Driver 'crawls out' of Mazda that crashed through road divider, 'flew forward' and overturned

Submitted by Stomper Mervyn, Douglas

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The driver of a Mazda 3 managed to escape unscathed after crashing through a central road divider at around 5.30am today (Aug 26).

The incident took place near a Shell station along the Ayer Rajah Expressway (Tuas), Exit 15A Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, before Corporation Road.

Stomper Mervyn and Douglas were at the scene and shared photos with Stomp.

Mervyn also provided more details of the accident and recounted what happened:

"The driver hit the centre divider railing, tearing it and the plants around it out onto the middle of the road.

"The car then flew forward, flipping over simultaneously.

"The driver, pictured in a white singlet and jeans, was unhurt and managed to crawl out of the Lion City Rentals vehicle after, praise God.

"The accident caused the exit to be blocked too."